We Acquire SME Businesses


We’re a Staffordshire based investment company managing our own assets.

We acquire healthy businesses from founders or businesses in distress from owners & administrators. Our strategy is to increase our portfolio of high-quality, SME businesses over time.

We favour sustainable profitability over revenue growth. Each business operates independently while we provide support when required.

Organic growth is targeted within each business through iterative product improvement based on customer feedback.

Our preferred businesses

We specifically look for SME businesses with the following traits:

Day-to-day management team

We prefer any new business to have an existing management team in place.

The team should be experienced in running the day to day operations and be available to continue in their roles beyond the acquisition.

We do consider smaller businesses if they can be incorporated into existing companies.

Strong business models

When analysing a business we look at three core criteria to decide if it is suitable for our investment strategy.

  1. The primary target customer. Are they individuals or other businesses?
  2. The value of the products. Is it ‘one-off’ or regularly recurring?
  3. The delivery of the products. Does it rely on human involvement?

Our preferred businesses sell products of recurring value to other businesses (B2B) with minimal human involvement in the delivery of those products.

Simple deal structures

We determine the value of businesses based on their intrinsic value.

When a price is agreed we then conduct due diligence to verify that valuation.

After successful completion of due diligence we aim to process the transaction as soon as possible.

Businesses sectors

We’re sector-agnostic and  interested in exploring any business that meets the general criteria above.

*We are currently interested in expanding our interests in the financial sector. You can learn more about what we’re looking for here.


We prefer to acquire businesses directly from owners or founders that have specific reasons for wanting to sell.

When you sell to us you can be confident that your business is going to a reliable, long-term home and that your team and customers will be valued.

We are also interested in acquiring businesses in distress. 

We can work with administrators / insolvency practitioners to generate the best possible deal for all parties.

If you’re an owner considering insolvency, talk to us first. We aim to save the business in its current form.